sophie parr

"I want to capture places as people remember them, because the world changes so fast"

Growing up, Sophie was always fascinated by how we get where we are going. In 2018, she settled in Madison, Wisconsin where she started freelancing as an urban planner. Always striving to find a way to be creative she made a map of one of her old Chicago neighborhoods to test out a new set of watercolors. She enjoyed the process and outcome so much that she made another. Eventually she was making maps for friends and family and set up at her first art show in the summer of 2019. What Sophie loves the most about making maps is the emotional element, getting to hear people's stories of the places they love. She enjoys finding small town connections and exchanging memories of favorite places. Making maps is also an opportunity for Sophie to explore places she has never been! Using just pencil and pen, her intricate maps capture moments in time in a rapidly changing world.