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Hi! I'm Sophie

In 2019, I started drawing maps. At first it was just something to do when I had some downtime. But over the last four years it has grown into an art business and I'm happy to get to capture beautiful moments in time. 

Take some time to look through my shop and see what maps I've made. Or scroll down to see what maps I'm currently working on.

Thank you so much for being here!

Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-126_edited.jpg
What I'm working on...
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-62.jpg
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-103.jpg
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-159.jpg

 22" by 33" inch map of Chicago, Illinois. Northern boundary at Bryn Mawr, Southern boundary at 57th, Western boundary at Kedzie and Eastern boundary at the lake.

Current Shows

Maps and Mazes

Sophie Parr and Ray Kaselau
June 7 - August 12, 2023

Center for Visual Arts - Wausau, Wisconsin

Sophia Parr pen, ink map maker, and cardboard sculpture artist Ray Kaselau use line and shape to visually and metaphorically move the viewer through space. Consider what lines you travel each day and how you would that would compare to a map or maze.

Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-55.jpg
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-73.jpg
Available Originals

In 2021, I opened Northern Arts Collective in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. The gallery represented artists from Wisconsin and beyond. 

In 2023, I transitioned the space to house my working studio and gallery. The new space operates as Maps by Sophie and is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays from 11-4.

My Space

Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-182_edited.jpg
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-30.jpg
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-23.jpg
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-47.jpg
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