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Interested in a map of your community to sell at your store? Check out my wholesale program!

Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-70.jpg
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-162.jpg
Maps by Sophie - xoMe Studio-173.jpg
Custom Map

For stores or galleries that would like to offer their customers a unique piece of art tailored to the community they are in, I offer a custom mini map drawing with a minimum print order. 

Custom Map: A 1" x 1" mini map of the main area of a community. The map will cover roughly one square mile. 

Pricing and Minimums

There is no cost to have the drawing created. However to secure a drawing, the below minimums must be met:

Prints (only): $6/each (minimum of 30) - MSRP $12

Frames (only): $17/each (minimum of 10) - MSRP $30 - $35

Prints and Frames: Minimum must reach $175 combined. 

Shipping will be added at the completion of the order. 

Frame Options

Framed mini maps come in a 5" x 5" frame. Colors can include: Black; Gold; Silver; Bronze. Colors are not guaranteed.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is one month to time of shipping. 

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